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Unintended Consequences

10. September 2008


I had really been feeling like the trip was a bust. I had wanted to show the kids all of these different things and they really weren’t too interested. CM and I were feeling that we spent more time with our back on them (because we were driving) than we did when we [...]

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So I Must Be Cheap

6. August 2008


So how cheap am I? Well I have a really hard time paying $40 for a campground. We have yet to purchase any membership in any association, and we have not bought a book on free campgrounds. I still have trouble with full price campgrounds. We are now in northern California and the first campground [...]

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Our Last Day in New Mexico

19. July 2008


As I type this we are on our way to the Grand Canyon. Did you know that it costs $25 PER VEHICLE to go into the Grand Canyon?? That’s crazy to me. Yesterday we visited the Petrified Forest and they charged $10 to get in! What they do to make it look [...]

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Made It To The Desert (CM)

13. July 2008


No post for a few days. Sorry it has just been really busy. So here is a long update. We went to the lower ninth ward and then on to the French quarter while in New Orleans. There was a very stark contrast between the two areas. I am sure this has been true throughout most [...]

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First Few Days (CM)

4. July 2008


So our trip has begun. Well almost. Even though we have left New York, we are sitting in New Jersey getting the RV down to a respectable amount of stuff to travel with. We were in such a rush to finish getting out our apartment that we started throwing stuff in the RV to try [...]

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