Ode to Oregon

Sun, Aug 10, 2008

Camping, Itenerary

This trip never ceases to amaze me. CM had told me that Oregon has the only rain forest in America, so we decided to go and check them out. We looked a map and decided to spend a few days at Silver Falls State Park. Before we even got to the park I was amazed at how beautiful Oregon was. Who knew?

The coast was so green. The trees, the grass, the plants, everything! Everything was so lush and fresh and alive. It was very different from what we saw driving through the Mojave.

Unfortunately, the kids missed a lot of the scenery because we started driving before they woke up, but they seemed pretty in to it once they started looking out of their windows.

The roads are so curvy and most of the buildings we saw were either farm houses, Ma and Pa groceries, or gas stations. Every town we drove through seemed so quaint and full of character. Widget took plenty of pictures. Seeing all of the farmland made me want to get out and try my hand at growing something.

The park itself was amazing. As it turned out, they had 10 waterfalls! We hiked to 3 of them. We were even able to walk through caves that went behind the falls. They were so beautiful. At the end of the day Widget said he really liked hiking. I was happy. Finally, something he didn’t cry about doing!

Today we are heading to Glacier National Park. That reminds me of something we didn’t anticipate in Oregon — No Cellphone Signal! So much for more bars in more places! I’m guessing we won’t get much of a signal in Montana either.

We’ll see.

**Note: I tried to include a pic, but I couldn’t with my on again off again signal!


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    You guys still alive?

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