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Thu, Aug 7, 2008

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We made it back to the mainland and it is time to start back towards NYC. We have until the end of the month to get there so we are not in a real hurry.

Our first plan is to see a glacier. Can you beleive they are still around? I know, so we are going to Montana to see one. Other than that we are struggling for places to go. We are taking a northerly route and niether of us know much about that part of the country.

We are also on a tight budget so we can get all the way to NY, and that limits the criss crossing we can do on our way back. Any suggestions on what to see?

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  1. Sean Fitch Says:

    Mount Rushmore? I always wanted to see that. Not sure where it is. Maybe in Montana go to a rodeo

  2. Christopher Says:

    Grand Canyon? It’s much bigger that a NYC pot hole… LOL

  3. Scott Says:

    Butte, MT is a nice small town. We visited some hot springs I think in Bozeman that weren’t too expensive, which was a splendid experience. There were 9 pools with temperatures ranging from 59° to 104°. The best part was taking a dip in their 100° outdoor pool, while it was snowing on us. The pool itself was quite comfortable, but can you imagine the walk from the building to the pool?

    Go to the Devil’s Tower. That’s really cool

    Mount Rushmore will probably be along your way.

    I can help you with more suggestions if you contact me.

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