We Found Out Where We’re Moving To!!!!

Mon, Jul 20, 2009

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On Friday, I found out my next assignment!  We had to choose a list of ten places we wanted to go.  I was really crushed when we got the list and Japan wasn’t on there.  However, when life gives you lemons…..

Long story short — We’re moving to Korea!!!  Someone told me “It’s just like Japan, only dirtier.”  We’re all super excited.  We plan to use Korea for a launching pad to Asia.  We’d like to go to Japan, China, and Thailand!!


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It’s Been A Year ?! Seriously?!

Sun, Jul 12, 2009



So I was setting up another blog and I ran across this one!

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On The Road Again

Mon, Sep 15, 2008


So we eventually we had to leave Glacier National Park. A reader of our blog had suggested that we travel to Bozeman hot spring and Butte. I was pretty psyched about taking the advice of a complete stranger, and I was surprised that CM seemed to be going for it as well. About 200 miles later our RV broke down.

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Last One, I Promise *wink*

Thu, Sep 11, 2008


We were at Glacier National Park for only 3 days, but so much happened. I just need to share a few more things and then I will move on to the calamity that struck us after we left.

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Unintended Consequences

Wed, Sep 10, 2008


I had really been feeling like the trip was a bust. I had wanted to show the kids all of these different things and they really weren’t too interested. CM and I were feeling that we spent more time with our back on them (because we were driving) than we did when we had an apartment. Some days it seemed like the only time that we really talked to them was to tell them “Stop hitting” or “Share!” I really felt that the hike in Montana really changed that.

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Why This Blog Died In Montana

Mon, Sep 8, 2008


CM and Widget deep in the woods of Glacier National Park
Two words: Pure exhaustion. At the time of my last post, we were having terrible problems getting any kind of internet signal and we were headed to Glacier National Park in Montana. Well, when we got there what we thought was a 1.5 mile hike, turned out to be a 4.5 mile hike (thank you, CM).

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Ode to Oregon

Sun, Aug 10, 2008


This trip never ceases to amaze me. CM had told me that Oregon has the only rain forest in America, so we decided to go and check them out. We looked a map and decided to spend a few days at Silver Falls State Park. Before we even got to the park I was amazed at how beautiful Oregon was. Who knew?

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Where To Next?

Thu, Aug 7, 2008


We made it back to the mainland and it is time to start back towards NYC. We have until the end of the month to get there so we are not in a real hurry.

Our first plan is to see a glacier. Can you beleive they are still around? I know, so we are going to Montana to see one. Other than that we are struggling for places to go. We are taking a northerly route and niether of us know much about that part of the country.

We are also on a tight budget so we can get all the way to NY, and that limits the criss crossing we can do on our way back. Any suggestions on what to see?

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Our Time In Hawaii

Wed, Aug 6, 2008


I figured I would take a moment to talk about our trip to Hawaii. We spent a week in paradise, but all in all it was a mixed bag.

The island was beautiful, the weather was great, and the people were friendly. The problem was that the kids were scared of the ocean, and in Hawaii that is the main form of entertainment.

While we were there we swam with a dolphin, went to a coral reef with fish swimming at our feet, hung out at the beach, and went to a luau. It seems great except Widget was balling anytime we got near the water.

The luau was the most fun for all. The kids got up on stage and they were so cute. Widget is not shy at all and he loved it. Midget is more reserved, but to KJ and my surprise she ran up on stage to follow her brother. It was priceless.

Everything else felt like a failure. The kids have never really been to the ocean so I expected a little resistance. What we got was way more than I barganed for though. You would think the dolphin would have been the most scary since they are so big, but that was handled better than fish as small as a hand on the reef. After getting in the water with the dolphin everything calmed down and we all had fun. At the reef it only got worse with each new fish that swam by. I tried to explain that it was a once in a lifetime experience, but it is hard to reason with sheer terror.

After all that they still say they loved it. Kids, sometimes I don’t understand. Something about a screaming 5 year old just didn’t make it that fun for me and KJ.

We couldn’t budget for the volcano which was too bad. Maybe next time. I love Hawaii and would love to go back sooner than later. Maybe next time everybody will handle the water better. Although it had it’s trying moments I would do it again. I would have planned more luaus though.

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So I Must Be Cheap

Wed, Aug 6, 2008


So how cheap am I? Well I have a really hard time paying $40 for a campground. We have yet to purchase any membership in any association, and we have not bought a book on free campgrounds. I still have trouble with full price campgrounds.

We are now in northern California and the first campground we stopped at wanted $40. I just don’t understand it. I am bringing the room with me so why do I have to pay the same price as a hotel?

All I need is a place to park. I can park cheaper in the city than some people want at these places. After searching we found a place for $25. It got horrible reviews on a website, but it had what we needed.

We don’t have a $300,000 rig and we are not rich. I just can’t fathom paying the price of a nice apartment in Brooklyn for one night in the middle of nowhere.

KJ says it is supply and demand and I know she is right. I do feel there should be something more reasonable.

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